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Valley Sports Report
WAVERLY, NY — The 39th annual Waverly Basketball Camp concluded Friday with its “coaches vs. all-stars game,” and awards ceremony, where several West players were recognized for their work during the camp.

This year’s camp was the largest ever with 187 student-athletes in attendance, and 19 coaches working the camp, including Waverly varsity coach, and camp director Lou Judson, recent Division I Citadel grad and standout Tyler Moffe, and a host of former Waverly standouts, including Dave Sickler, Hunter Bodine, Gavin Judson, Scott Woodring,  
Elle Nittinger, and Jon Ward.

“This camp has turned into one of the largest in the Northern and Southern tiers,” said Lou Judson. “I’m very proud of taking this camp to an entirely different level.”

The camp was broken down into four age groups — NBA, Division I, Division II, and Division III.

Awards were doled out in all four divisions:

Most Valuable Player: Evan Sickler, Tioga.
All Stars: Joe Tomasso (Waverly), Jake VanHouten (Waverly), Sam  
Lawrence (NP-Mansfield), Isaiah Bretz (Waverly), Peyton McClure  
(Wellsboro) and Elias Shrawder (Towanda).
Most Improved: Jack Nolan, Williamson.
1/2-Camp Scholarship: Ethan Perry, Tioga.
Hustler: Kolson Keathley, Athens.
1-on-1 Champ: Joey Tomasso, Waverly.
Hot Shot Champ: Thomas Morley, Waverly.
3-Point Champs: Jacobe Foster, Candor, and Connor Mosher, Athens.
3-on-3 Champs: Andrew Potter (Horseheads), Chase Harmer (Horseheads),  
and Logan Probity (Troy).
Free Throw Shooting Champ: Gavin Fisher, Tioga.
Camp Defensive Team: Peyton McClure, Wellsboro, and Andrew Potter, Horseheads.

Most Valuable Player: Carson Rockwell, Sayre
All Stars: Spencer Martin (Troy), Andy Hermansen (NP-Mansfield), Chara  
Venkataswamy (Athens), Ben Shaw (Waverly), Joe Rombach (Newark  
Valley), and Adam Kemp (Athens).
Most Improved: Thomas White, Horseheads.
1/2-Camp Scholarship: Porter Dadonna, Waverly.
Hustler: Aaron Kirk, Wellsboro.
1-on-1 Champ: Carson Rockwell, Sayre.
Hot Shot Champ: Spencer Martin, Troy.
3-Point Champs: Carson Rockwell, Sayre, and Thomas White, Horseheads.
3-on-3 Champs: Thomas White (Horseheads), Brady Landmesser (Tioga),  
and Trey Teribury (Troy).
Free Throw Shooting Champ: Adam Kemp, Athens.
Camp Defensive Team: Peyton Robinson, Waverly.

Most Valuable Player: Boom Thompson, Towanda.
All Stars: Evan Allen (Troy), Preston Harmer (Horseheads), Braiden  
Judson (Waverly), Eli Ayers (Troy), and Griffin Morral (Wellsboro).
Most Improved: Charlie Salsman, Sayre.
1/2-Camp Scholarship: Brycen Fiske, Waverly.
Hustler: Tyrese Gamby, Sayre.
Knock Out Champ: Michael Sutryk, Sayre.
1-on-1 Champ: Boom Thompson, Towanda.
Hot Shot Champ: Griffin Morral, Wellsboro.
3-on-3 Champs: Boom Thompson (Towanda), Tyler Grover (Wyalusing),  
Brayden Hovacs (NEB), Clay Wilkes (NEB).
Free Throw Shooting Champ: Wiley Signori, Trumansburg.
Camp Defensive Team: Ben Potter (Horseneads) and Mitchell Gesford (Wyalusing).

Most Valuable Player: Drew Croft, Waverly.
All Stars: Lincoln Thomas (Candor), Maddex Presher (Waverly), Treyton  
Thompson (Candor), Colton McCauley (Elmira), and Dempsey Stevens  
Most Improved: Cohen Kraft, Sayre.
1/2-Camp Scholarship: Cooper Bailey, Athens.
Hustler: Gavin Harmer, Horseheads.
Knock Out Champ: Lincoln Thomas, Candor.
1-on-1 Champ: Maddex Presher, Waverly.
Hot Shot Champ: Kohen Kraft, Sayre.
3-on-3 Champs: Drew Croft (Waverly), William Wojtwsiak (Newark  
Valley), and Branson Myers (Athens).
Free Throw Shooting Champ: Griffen Smith, Athens.
Camp Defensive Team: Lucas Krems, Troy, and Owen Moore, Canton.


NBA team champs — the Warriors: Joey Tomasso (Waverly), Jon Searles  
(Waverly), Hogan Shaw (Sayre), Kolson Keathley (Athens), Landon Allen  
(Edison), Gordon Weaver (Troy), E.J. Keck (Wellsboro), Jack  
Cheresnowsky (Athens), Wil Shrewder (Towanda), Nehemiah Anthony  
(Waverly), and Lincoln Sharpsteen (Waverly).

Division I team champs — St. Peter's: Carson Rockwell (Sayre), Dominic  
Mezzatesta (Sayre), Tim Wojtysiak (Newark Valley), Andy Hermansen  
(NP-Mansfield), Malaki Banks (Broadway School), Pryor Teribury (Troy),  
Nevin Mack (S-VE), Landon Clark (Towanda), and Daniel Fischer (Waverly).

Division II team champs — Bloomsburg: Ransom Schultz (Wellsboro),  
Griffin Morral (Wellsboro), Tyrese Gamby (Sayre), Eli Ayers (Troy),  
Parker Brown (Troy), Sam Cheresnowsky (Athens), Michael Sutryk  
(Sayre), Ben Potter (Horseheads), and Anson Harris (Troy).

Division III team champs — Cortland: Ryan Graninger (Wyalusing),  
Brayden Thornton (Athens), Gavin Harmer (Horseheads), Carson Hunt  
(Sayre), William Schoonover (Canton), Ian Johnston (Athens), Drew  
Croft (Waverly), Maddex Presher (Waverly), Cole Hunt (Sayre), and  
Jacob Heath (Waverly). …

PHOTOS BY Matt Patton & Brian Fees

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