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Northern Tier West Sports Report
PHILADELPHIA — This past Saturday, three teens from Contact Sports Club in Mansfield brought home two golds, a silver and two bronze medals from the North American Grappling Championship in Philadelphia. 

Roland Smith, 15, Isabella Yoder, 16, and Ella Propheta, 17, have been training at Contact Sports in preparation for the competition.

Their jiu jitsu professor, Rob Smith, said “These young grapplers have been training hard and that showed on the mats.” 

The teens train year round, challenging themselves with the adults at the club. 

“I’ve been completing in this sport since I could crawl.” said Roland Smith, “I’ll be training and competing in jiu jitsu my whole life.” 

Isabella Yoder has been training for 2 years and made the rank of blue belt at 16. “I love it so much that I’ve started a class at the club to share my passion with others in the area.” 

Ella Propheta switched from golf to jiu jitsu a couple of years ago and hasn’t looked back. “Jiu jitsu has given me the confidence to face any challenge head on,” she said.

Back at the club they will continue competition training until the next NAGA tournament April 8 in Pittsburgh where the team will be heading down along with other kids and adults from the club.

Rob Smith, who opened the Mansfield location with partner Vince Nance in 2014, couldn’t be more proud of the teens. “We have excellent professors and members leading this next generation of Contact Sports Club members to victory in jiu jitsu and in life.”

Contact Sports Club is a Gracie Barra affiliated team in Mansfield, PA. They teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Mixed Martial Arts athletes competing at NAGA, IBJFF, and MMA events throughout the US and Canada.


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