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Northern Tier WEST Sports Report
WELLSBORO — The Wellsboro boys and girls Track & Field teams kicked off their 2024 seasons with a sweep over Williamson on Tuesday, March 26.

The Hornet girls won 94-56 and the boys won 109-41.

The Lady Hornets swept the 100m with freshman Piper Hoprich (12.75), sophomore Sophia Yoder (13.88) and sophomore Jordan Rumsey (13.98) taking the top spots. Jade Colwell (14.00) was Williamson’s top finisher, placing 4th. 

Hoprich (28.12) also won the 200m while Colwell (29.95) was 2nd and teammate Angela Carpenter (31.87) was 3rd. 

Yoder (1:08.06) won the 400m with Williamson’s Madalynn Bailey (1:09.47) was 2nd and Anna Lee (1:12.27) was 3rd. 

Williamson’s Kylee Stone (19.40) won the 100m hurdles with Wellsboro senior Sara Seeling (19.43) taking  2nd and Williamson’s Aubrey Wells (20.19) placing 3rd. Seeling won the 300m hurdles in 54.53 while Williamson’s Wells (57.66) was 2nd and Stone (58.67) was 3rd.

Williamson swept the 800 with Tori Stratton (2:44.51) taking 1st, Miriah Buck (3:00.64) taking 2nd and Robyn Cummings (3:03.40) placing 3rd. 

Wellsboro freshman Lauren Kosek won both the 1600m (5:40.70) and the 3200m (12:03.44), with Stratton (5:59.42) taking 2nd and Raegan VanGorden (6:42.09) placing 3rd in the 1600 and Stratton (14:20.15) and Cummings (14:39.24) taking 2nd and 3rd in the 3200.

Wellsboro won the 4x100m relay (53.52) and the 4x400m relay (4:41.23) and Williamson won 4x800m relay (11:57.85).

Junior Annie Gehman swept the jumping events with a 4-ft, 10 high jump, a 16-ft, 4 long jump, and a 33-ft, 10.5 triple jump. Kristina Belz was 2nd in the high jump (4-ft, 6) and the long jump (14-ft, 8) while Megan Newruck took 2nd in the triple jump (28-ft, 11). Williamson’s Madison Schoonover placed 3rd in the high jump (4-06) and 3rd in the long jump (14-01.00) and Stone was 3rd in the triple jump (28-10).

Wellsboro swept pole vault with freshman Ellie Largey (5-ft, 6), sophomore Megan Mosher (5-ft) and sophomore Brooke Wheeler (5-ft) taking the top spots.

Wellsboro senior Grace Harlan (30-ft, 8) won the shot put with Williamson’s Olivia Meisner (30-04.00) in 2nd and Sayde Loucks (29-00.00) taking 3rd, while Seeling won the javelin (90-ft, 8.5) with Williamson’s Alexis Shenk (78-07.00) in 2nd and Wellsboro’s Emily Richardson (69-05.50) taking 3rd. Loucks (75-04.50) was 1st in the discus with Wellsboro’s Hannah Gilmour (72-06.25) taking 2nd and Meisner (69-07.75) in 3rd. 

On the boys’ side, Wellsboro sophomore Jonathan Carl (12.10), junior Jack Bryant (12.14) and sophomore Jacoby Strang (12.71) swept the 100m while Bryant (24.78) won the 200m with Williamson’s Braeden Colwell (25.83) taking 2nd and Wellsboro’s Micaiah Fitch (26.51) placing 3rd. 

Carl (55.69) took the top spot in the 400m with Williamson’s Jeavon Eick (58.90) taking 2nd and teammate Matthew McKee (1:00.51) placing 3rd, while sophomore Jude Cuneo (2:21.20) won the 800m and Eick (2:23.69) was 2nd and Michael Lundy (2:29.00) was 3rd. 

Williamson’s Kristian Mizdail (4:45.90) won the 1600 with Wellsboro’s Max Macias (5:07.70) taking 2nd and Jude Cuneo (5:11.15) placing 3rd, and also the 3200 (10:18.87) with Macias (11:19.51) in 2nd and Lundy (11:55.16) taking 3rd. 

Wellsboro swept the hurdles with junior Micah Vickery (17.19), sophomore David Seeling (19.23) and senior Nehemiah Burrous (20.44) taking the top spots in the 110m hurdles. Vickery (45.41) and Seeling (47.23) also finished 1-2 in the 300m hurdles with Williamson’s Joshua Teague (50.22) taking 3rd. 

The Hornets swept the three relays, winning the 4x100m in 46.96, the 4x400m in 4:16.00 and the 4x800m in 9:34.16.

Vickery (5-ft, 8), Seeling (5-ft, 6) and Carl (5-ft, 4) swept the high jump and senior Noah Morey (18-ft, 5), junior Micaiah Fitch (17-ft, 9) and junior Emmanuel Posada (17-ft, 6) swept the long jump.

Williamson’s Aiden O’Neal (9-00) won the pole vault with teammate Gavin Cloos (9-00) in 2nd and Wellsboro junior Gabe Carpenter (8-ft, 6) in 3rd while Williamson’s Steven Hepfer (36-00.00) won the triple jump with Wellsboro senior Mitchell Butler (35-ft, 6) in 2nd and teammate Emmanuel Posada (34-ft, 5.5) 3rd.

Wellsboro’s Morey (39-ft, 0.5) and senior Watson Feil (34-ft, 5) were 1st and 2nd in the shot put with Williamson’s Luke Sottolano (28-08.00) taking 3rd, while Morey (111-ft, 7) also won the discus .. with Williamson’s Ean Bump (110-06.00) taking 2nd and Wellsboro’s Feil (107-03.00) taking 3rd and Morey (149-ft, 8.5) and Feil (141-ft) were 1st and 2nd in the javelin with Williamson’s Blaine Link (112-05.00) taking 3rd. 

Wellsboro will be back in action on Tuesday, April 2 against North Penn-Mansfield, Sayre and Towanda, while Williamson visits Canton the same day.

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