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Northern Tier Sports Report
SHIPPENSBURG — Wellsboro’s Piper Hoprich picked a good day to have her best day of the season, earning two finals berths at the PIAA Track and Field Championships Friday.

She finished third in the 100 preliminaries in 12.21 to reach the finals, and then returned to take sixth in the 200 at 25.43.

“I ran a PR in both of them today so I am really happy,” Hoprich remarked.

Hoprich didn’t have the best start in the 100 but recovered to finish second in her heat.

“With me I run the race that I catch up with them at the end,” she said. “I push right at the end.”

Her heat, the first heat, was the fastest, with three sprinters qualifying for an 8-person final.

“I love having competition,” said Hoprich. “It pushes me to do better.”

In the 200 she was on the inside but was second down the final stretch after running a very quick turn.

“I personally like the outside more but, the inside, it was good,” she said. “I am working on slingshotting myself out of the beginning half of the race, and continuing it through the second half.”

She was able to hold on to take second in her heat.

Hoprich credits her good performance in the 100 for her success in the 200.

“If my 100 goes good, typically my 200 is good,” she remarked. 

As long as she doesn’t DQ in the finals Saturday Hoprich will be coming home with two state medals, it’s just a matter of what color they will be.

“I’m just going to run my race,” she said. “These girls are really good here, and they’re going to be my competition for the next few years.”

There could be some surprises in store, especially considering, back in March, Hoprich wasn’t sure she would even make states.

“I was really, really happy making finals for the 100, and make it for the 200 is amazing because, last week, I didn’t even think I could qualify,” she said.

In the boys’ discus Wellsboro’s Noah Morey was 18th with a throw of 122-feet, 3-inches. He hit that on his first throw as his final two were fouls.

Along with Hoprich, Annika Gehman will be competing in the girls’ triple jump on Saturday.

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